What We Do

We are a high return investment fund focusing exclusively in the commercial real estate mortgage market. We make first trust deed loans secured by properties in northern and southern California major metropolitan markets. Returns range from 4-6% above the current 24 month CD rates.

The advantages of investing in Pacific West Mortgage Fund:

  1. Higher returns. Pacific West generally pays dividends 4-6% higher than CDs.
  2. Defensive Investment. If the real estate market remains flat or declines, high yields can still be earned from the Fund with a margin of safety. Pacific West loans average between 45-50% loan to value and never exceed 70%. We always have a large margin of safety regardless of market change.
  3. Diversified Loan Portfolio. The investor is not dependent on the returns of a single loan. By using a group of loans, Pacific West creates a consistent, secure, and high yield income stream.
  4. Interest Rate Protection.  Loans are short term and often have adjustable rates. Our returns can adjust with any increases in interest rates.
  5. Professional Management.  Fund management and loan servicing is provided for the investor. This is a big advantage for the investor that wants a passive investment.
  6. Aligned Interests. The fund management team is a large investor in the fund.
  7. Fees Paid By Fund. All operational fees are paid by the fund manager, including marketing, sourcing loans, loan documentation, and compliance.
  8. Audited Fund. The fund complies with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and is audited each year. All quarterly financial records are available to the investor including the audited financials.
  9. Low Minimum. The investor can invest in the trust deed market with a minimum investment of only $25,000.
  10. Experienced Team. Investors benefit from the significant experience of Pacific West management team, which handles all origination, underwriting, loan servicing and interfacing with the borrowers.
  11. Flexible Payout. Investors may choose to receive monthly cash distributions or reinvest their profits to receive compounded returns, and can specify a fixed or partial payout amount.
  12. 401k and IRAs Accepted. Pacific West fund is suitable for 401k and IRAs.
  13. Stable Track Record. Pacific West is currently celebrating our 12th year of consistent returns and uninterrupted dividends.

Getting Started

Qualified investors, with a minimum investment of $20,000 may invest in Pacific West Mortgage Fund LLC.

Although the investor may withdraw invested funds on a limited basis after 24 months, there are restrictions, and investors usually should have an investment horizon of 3-5 years.

The investor may have dividends paid monthly or re-invested. By reinvesting their dividends, investors can increase their yield by compounding their returns. With so much potential to earn high yields from secure mortgages and trust deeds, the Pacific West Mortgage Fund is ideal for income-seeking high net worth individuals. In addition, the fund is suitable diversification option for profit sharing plans, IRAs, and other retirement benefits plans.

Pacific West is available only to California qualified investors. For complete information on the fund please read the prospectus carefully to ensure this investment is suitable for you.

Contact Mark Granger or Matt Hollis for more information.