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6 Great reasons to use Pacific West

Pacific West Mortgage Fund team brings years of experience in private lending and mortgages, ensuring the best opportunities to maximize results. We provide you and your clients with funds quickly, seamlessly, and at terms that meet your special requirements.  Here are 6 great reasons to use Pacific West:

  • 1. Pacific West has an efficient loan underwriting process
  • 2. Pacific West has much more flexibility than a lending institution
  • 3. The borrower may want to use the loan proceeds for something other than the purchase of the property
  • 4. Pacific West’s strategy is generally to hold the loan
  • 5. Banks and institutional lenders may have difficulty in evaluating a specialized property
  • 6. The borrow may need to use multiple properties as collateral for the loan

Competitive Rates On Loans And 0 Point Options Available
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